Birth Rights of Voters

Supreme Court has Asked Direct help to the people by governments- Right or wrong?

The Supreme Court is hearing nowadays the legality of direct benefit to citizens operated by the governments. The court has asked the government, Finance Commission and the experts whether it is legal and adequate to distribute the rewaris (free gift to general public) to the public, or not. The supreme court's upcoming verdict in this regard can empower or destroy and ruin the lives of 80 crore people of the country. So this decision will have an impact on the lives of all of us.

The above question that the Supreme Court has asked, you can know the answer to this question through the link given below. People from the media and political parties can also know. The Government of India, the Finance Commission of India and the Election Commission can get answers to the question. Even the Supreme Court itself can know the answers.

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The charge of distributing rewaris ( direct benefits in free) and the charge of eating rewaris - both can be understood from this example.

Suppose in the battle of Mahabharata, the Pandavas would have lost and the Kauravas would have won. So what would have happened? Then Duryodhana's government would start distributing revaris to the children of the Pandavas. And then the people of the 'AB' mentality of the country and the so-called nationalist people would object to this distribution of the Rewaris on the pretext of Sri Lanka.

However, the children of the Pandavas, means the poor and middle class of the country have the right to the whole Hastinapur. That is, the average income of the country is made to be consumed. But they are only content by eating rewaris. The descendants of the Kauravas are not even able to digest this economically vulnerable situation of descendents of Pandavas.

The rich favouring persons do not object when the government distributes 'jewellery' to the rich men. In the name of repaying the debt, the government gives Rs.10,00,000 crores to the rich in free (haram). Government makes a law to pay interest without doing anything for free for those who deposit money in the banks. Government gives the rich the right to earn money from the stock market for free. Government has made a succession law to give his father's money to offshoots for free. Government has made a law to get the rent of properties and machines without doing anything, i.e. in free. The value of the properties doubles in a few years and makes it a law to acquire this income without any test. Isn't it like distributing jewellery for free (Haram)?

Question of distribution of earnings of machines

The pain of unemployment due to machines occupying the jobs is borne by the general public and the money generated by the labor of the machines is distributed in the hands of the owners of machines. It is a distribution of jewellery in free. Then these so-called nationalists have no objection. Why all the earnings of the machine is occupied owners of machines and the waste of the machine i.e. the pain of unemployment is allocated to the general public? Why is there no case in the Supreme Court on this atrocity? There is an objection to distribution of rewari but there is no objection to distribution of jewellery. Isn't that hypocrisy?

Why not everyone's share in the natural wealth?

The country collects trillions of rupees against natural wealth found in the sea, inside the land, in the forests, in the mountains, in the mines, etc. The government prints billions of rupees every month against products of natural resources. The people of the country do not get a share of a penny in this natural wealth. All these trillions of rupees are grabbed by handful richest persons. All the laws have been made to facilitate this injustice. Out of the trillions of rupees created from natural resources, the public seems to have only reveries (free gift). Fake nationalists are not digesting this either.

The public should get ₹8000 every month, not rewaris.

A committee of Parliament has approved to give Rs 8,000 to voters, i.e. half of the country's income per voter (at 2020 prices). If you watch the video from the link below, you will fee surprised.

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Watc a TV debate on this issue telecasted by Lok sabha Tv

Important questions

Should only rewari be distributed for free? Or should people be given their democratic rights? Should only salads be given in the name of revdis, or should people be given food ? All the questions about this arise in the minds of people. Know the answer all those questions in just one video.

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Struggle by parliamentarians

From 2005 to 2011, hundreds of MPs in Parliament advocated for the birth economic rights of the people known as Votership Right. A standing committee was set up to research this matter. On December 2, 2011, the Standing Committee approved the proposal. The proposal did not talk about giving rewaris, but to give half of the average income per voter to the country's voter every month.

How many MPs presented the matter of distribution of rent of collective properties of general public (voters) in an orderly, legally and in rational manner in Parliament? Which party did the MP belong to? What was the name of those MPs? Which state was these MP from? On what dates did they present this subject in Parliament? Also see, what was the full contents of this proposal of about 250 pages? What was the contents of notice moved under Rule 193 of Bussiness of Loksabha? For these information kindly visit these web pages

See report of parliamentary Committee known as Goyal committee on votership.

Watch full debate on this issue telecasted by Lok Sabha TV

Those who are shouting on the distribution of the rewaris (free gift to general public), they should not be treated nationalist. This is the symptom of AB mentality.

What does the AB mentality or AB mentality mean?

To know this in detail, watch these two videos in a nutshell -

People who are shouting on the distribution of the rewaris cannot be treated nationalists. This is the symptom of AB mentality.

Know the AB mentality in details

Long struggle

Crores of people in the country have been sacrificing their everything and fighting for the last several decades for the birth economic rights of the people. They have not yet got their rights, but the rewari has definitely obtained. Watch the video given below and know how many lives have been sacrificed in reaching the rewaris.

The videos given below will show you a glimpse of the massive gatherings in which people are ready to go to any extent for the legal recognition of their birth economic rights.

The conclusion is that by rationalizing and legitimising the distribution of rent of collective properties, every voter in the country, who are not in a government job and who are below the income tax slab, should be given half of the country's average income (about ₹8,000 per month at 2020 prices) unconditionally by the government. Only then it will be justifiable to ban the reveries. The intention of the cruel economic dictators of the AB mentality of the country should not be succeed In the name of ban on revaris.

If you want to give justice to the families of the poor, the villagers, the middle class, the 85 crore people riding bicycles and motorcycles, then forward this message more and more and ask the people to forward. Because the mainstream media and the big newspapers and TV channels have been holding back the news of the struggle mentioned above for the past 25 years. Due to the fact that the story of this struggle does not appear in the mainstream media, the judges of the Supreme Court may also be the victims of misunderstanding.