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International Treaty for the Liberation of Cultural Nationality

Every person who understands the culture of India knows that the geographical territory of India’s global culture is the same as pointed out in the Rigveda. The divine vision of Rigveda is-
Ayam nijaH paro veti ganana laghuchetsam.
udaracharitānāṃ tu vasudhaiva kutumbakam ॥

The entire earth (Vasudha) is a family for the generous hearted people. But after the advent of internet and social media technology, this world has now become a nation even for all. Due to the big number of members of the family, there is many benefits but there is also some loss to the family caused by some negative and selfish members. Governments are formed to protect the family from these losses.

Today, when the family has elevated up to world, why did the government not elevated up to world according to the vision of the Rigveda? If the system of government also became global, then the corrupt elements and terrorists would not have taken advantage of global freedom. Then the police, income tax departments, environmental protection departments, courts and war prevention departments all over the world would also enjoy global freedom. Then the money of corrupt people from all over the world, including India, is not safe in Swiss banks and tax haveans. Then the peoples of all countries will also have the universal right to get protection from the war imposed by their neighboring countries, to get protection from the loss of life and property due to war, to get rid of the government made economic slavery and poverty, malnutrition, disease, illiteracy and unemployment to the majority of the people of the countries reserved by the governments just for negative competition for increasing exports, to get protection from international corruption and terrorism, and to keep the Mother Earth healthy through environmental balance. But, unfortunately, any effective works could not be done in this direction. That is why not only our country, but most people of most countries in the world are in the quagmire of international injustice and oppression.

To work on the basis of this analysis, Shri Vishwatma and other like-minded people started an organization called Mission for Global Change, MGC in 2019, author of dozens of books on political and economic reforms and on scientific spirituality. Shri Vishwatma is more popularly known as “Bharat Gandhi”. You probably know him by that name. There are hundreds of informative videos on YouTube. He has been working relentlessly for the last 30 years for humanist nationalism, away from marriage, business and family life. He has written to the heads of state of the world several times since 2006 for this. Just recently, during the conference of the World Social Forum of 92 countries held in Kathmandu in February 2024, he passed a resolution to form the Parliament and Government of the Union of South Asian Nations like the European Union. It was also resolved that the United Nations, the UNO, should be democratized and that organization should be transformed into the “United National Government”, the UNG.

In April last, Shri Vishwatma sent this proposal to the heads of 192 countries including India and sent a representation to the citizens of countries around the world to enter into an international treaty to accept their international and global rights. It is written in the representation that war has become a fashion in the world today. Therefore, the United Nations can no longer be trusted blindly. It has been written that this time also the offices of the heads of state of the world may remain silent on the representation as before, and not initiate an international treaty and leave people all over the world orphaned to die under the rain of missiles. Therefore, taking advantage of the Internet and social media, the citizens of all the countries around the world should take initiative themselves. And by creating interim parliamentarians and interim governments, a model should be demonstrated before the governments of the world. So that the apprehensions about the formation of international and global governments present in the minds of rulers of governments around the world can be resolved.

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