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Invitation for Participation in Four-day seminar/workshop

The United Nations is currently proving unsuccessful in stopping the wars between two countries. If a war starts between India and China, missiles will start raining on our houses too. The United Nations will not be able to do anything. Then everything would have been out of our hands as well. Therefore, peace should be insured in time.

To ensure world peace, Shri Vishwatma alias Bharat Gandhi has written many times to the Presidents of all the countries around the world to form a World Government and World Parliament. Recently, in the conference of 92 countries in Kathmandu, the Mission for Global Change, MGC passed a resolution to create a World Parliament and a World Government and a South Asian Parliament and a South Asian Government.

This proposal was sent to the Presidents of 192 countries in April 2024. The proposal states that if the national presidents of the countries around the world do not sign an international treaty within 6 months, then the interim parliament and interim government for the world will be formed in India on United Nations Day, 24 October 2024. And on this date, the interim parliament and interim government of the Union of South Asian Countries will also be formed at same time. It has been decided to make this historic announcement in Delhi on 24th October, 2024.

For detailed information about the interim parliament and interim government of the countries of South Asia and of the whole world, which are being formed to grant and protect the international rights of the citizens of the country, see our website-

A four-day seminar/workshop of some eminent personalities is being held from 20th to 23rd June in the auditorium of Vishwa Parivartan Mission, Lucknow to prepare the detailed outline of the proposed "Declaration Ceremony" for the Interim Parliament and the Interim Government. You are cordially invited. To see the he agenda of the discussion click the link

Details of 24th October Declaration Ceremony

1. Date- 24th October 2024

2. Venue -  India International Centre / Rajendra Bhawan 

3. Timing - 10 to 12 am 


1. Arrangements for accommodation and food have been made for the guests coming from outside Lucknow. Because this program is organized for everyone's welfare. Therefore, the guests must voluntarily contribute some financial support to the Mission for Global Change, MGC, a Charitable Trust to meet the expenses incurred in organizing the seminar. So that financial constraints do not create obstacles in carrying out this noble work.

2. If you want to invite someone from your side in the meeting, then please talk to Shri Vishwatma (phone number 9818 433 422) about this matter.

Your Sincierly

Vishwatma aka Bharat Gandhi

Seminar Coordinator

+919818433422, +919811305324